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Invasive alien species in aquatic environments

 Management insights

Invasive alien species (IAS) and their impacts represent a growing concern for the managers of natural areas. That is particularly true for aquatic environments where an array of stakeholders are now taking action. Public policies on the French and European levels are also coming into play. What is the status of current knowledge on biological invasions? What is the applicable legal framework and what recommendations should be made? In the field, which species are managers attempting to address? Which techniques are used, where and how, and what are the objectives and the results achieved?

For these two volumes of "the Knowledge for action series, almost 100 experts collected the information required to clearly present the situation and propose a scientifically based approach to assist water managers in setting up management projects.

This second volume, titled Management insights, illustrates the situation discussed in the first volume with feedback from management projects in continental France and Europe.

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  Content   Introduction


  Animal species


​    Red swamp crayfish
​    Signal crayfish


​    Pumpkinseed


​    American bullfrog
​    African clawed frog


 ​   Red-eared slider turtle    ​ Chinese stripe-necked turtle


​  Ruddy duck
​    Sacred ibis ​   Canada goose ​    Egyptian goose


​    Coypu
 ​   Muskrat
   American mink


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  Plant species


   Large-flowered waterweed
   ​ Curly waterweed    ​ Water fern

Amphibious plants

   ​ Water pennywort
   ​ Parrot-feather watermilfoil    ​ New Zealand pigmyweed    ​ Water primrose

Riparian plants

   ​ Common bamboo
   ​ Box elder
   ​ Asian knotweed    ​ Groundsel bush    ​ Garden balsam    ​ Giant hogweed    ​ Goldenrod    ​ Water finger grass    ​ Japanese hop    ​ Smooth cordgrass    ​ Giant cane

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 Remerciements, Auteurs

Contact : Nicolas Poulet
Coordinateurs : Emmanuelle Sarat, Emilie Mazaubert, Alain Dutartre, Nicolas Poulet et Yohann Soubeyran

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