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    Patrick Lavarde, General director of Onema


New issues now confront the water and aquatic-environment sector, notably climate change and pollution caused by emerging substances. Onema maintains a technological watch, identifies and mobilises the necessary experts, and provides its scientific and technical support in formulating and implementing national plans addressing the new issues.

We contributed, with our partners, to designing the recent national plans on micropollutants, medicinal residues and adaptation to climate change, basing our efforts on the major stakeholders and the work of the National scientific council for water and aquatic environments. We also took part in the discussions of French and European technical groups on emerging substances and climate change.

The challenge lies in distinguishing between what should be immediately integrated in the various tools, methods and operational decisions, and what requires further research and innovation to improve our knowledge, reduce uncertainties and develop new methods for tomorrow, before engaging it in our daily work in the field.


Patrick Lavarde,
General director of Onema

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