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In the context of the Water Framework Directive (WFD), its daughter Directives and the Floods directive implementation, the ad-hoc (2010-2012) Common Implementation Strategy group dedicated to Science Policy Interface (co-led by DG Research and innovation of the European Commission and ONEMA, France) aims to ensure a seamless and dynamic interface between science and policy and thus provide science and evidence-based support to the for the implementation of the WFD and other water related directives. To this end, this CIS-SPI activity has to assess the needs for knowledge from the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) working groups and experts groups of the CIS, cross-check them against available knowledge and pass on identified gaps to the research organisations and funders. It should also come up with recommendations to improve the knowledge brokering between the two communities in play.

The 3rd CIS-SPI yearly event will, on the basis of “SPI success stories”, focus on how to improve the transfer and usability of the research outputs and promote knowledge brokering practices and operational structure to streamline their implementation. This workshop aims at better outlining how a more efficient SPI activity could effectively be implemented within the CIS framework with a view to fostering an effective knowledge sharing and transfer, and ensuring better alignment of policy needs with research planning.

Three main objectives are assigned to the workshop:

  1)  Demonstration of the added-value of science-policy interface: success stories in the water sector regarding SPI activities worldwide, and at European, national and river basin levels

  2)  Elaboration on structures, mechanisms and actors to ensure an active, continuous, dynamic and sustainable science-policy interface in the CIS context

  3)  Investigation on methods and tools for knowledge brokering and "customisation" of the information to address the users' needs at the various levels (EU, national, river basin), including cross-scaling issues, and realistic ways of addressing them within the current CIS structure. This workshop will alternate plenary sessions, panel discussions and roundtable discussions seeking active audience's participation in tackling the workshop’s objectives and sharing experiences.

This workshop is by invitation only. As the number of attendees is limited please register here as soon as possible.

Brussels, 14-15 November 2012

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