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  • Onema set up its solidarity programme

    • In 2008, Onema set up its solidarity programme, representing 14 M€ for overseas territories.

Wastewater-treatment in the overseas territories: Onema commitment

Following up on the Grenelle environmental agreement to restore all water bodies to good ecological status, two framework agreements for loans were signed on 20 February 2009 between the State and the Caisse de dépôts et de consignations (CDC) to assist in funding wastewater-treatment plant upgrades to current standards in continental France and in the overseas territories. As a co-signer of the agreement for the overseas territories, Onema will be in charge of drafting annual reports on the use of CDC funds and on the progress of each project. It will also take part in the annual committee meeting on the agreement.

Since 2008, Onema has contributed to funding the investment programme for wastewater-treatment equipment as a solidarity measure between river basins and at the signing of the agreement, it increased its commitment by announcing that it will spend 12 million euros on 20 projects in overseas territories in 2009. In addition, it will pursue its partnership with Cemagref in an R&D programme to adapt water and sanitation technologies to the specific conditions in overseas territories.