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Seven transnational collaborative research projects in the field of water quality have been recommended for funding after the Water JPI pilot call on “Emerging water contaminants-anthropogenic pollutants and pathogens”, with a total budget of € 9 million.         Read more

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Atlantic salmon, the great migratory fish symbolising water quality, are in decline both in France and throughout the North Atlantic Ocean. The 31st Annual Meeting of NASCO, the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation will be held in Saint-Malo from 3 to 6 June 2014, with organisational support from Onema. The meeting is a chance to review the situation for Atlantic salmon and the management policies implemented to conserve and restore salmon stocks.

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A film showing examples of restoring continuity was presented. To watch the film click on the following link:

12 mars 2012 : Opening ceremony : new thinking and concrete actionPress

High level figures open the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille imploring participants for concrete solutions and actions to the world’s water issues. French Prime Minister calls for creation of an international water organisation. more

Prime minister in Marseille


Kit of the PRIME MINISTER , 6th World Water Forum : France’s commitments Marseille 12-17 March, 2012


Marseille 2012: addressing the challenge of water for all
Focus on 3 keystone engagementsFocus sur 3 engagements phare

Access to water and its sustainable development are challenges central to all public policies: health, environmental protection, food security, education, energy, economic development, town and country planning, etc. This reality is particularly important for developing and emerging countries...

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12- 17 mars 2012 : ONEMA participates to the 6th World Water Forum

The World water forum is organised every three years for water stakeholders to discuss water issues, share experiences and plan for the future. The 6th forum will be the moment to decide on realistic solutions to meet the major challenges facing water worldwide. These solutions, proposed by the entire international community, will be presented at the forum in order to obtain solid commitments for their effective implementation, taking into account financial, social and environmental constraints.

Issues include good governance and the performance of public water and sanitation services, river restoration, green growth and the promotion of ecosystem services, climate change, links between science and water policy, etc. Using its experience and know‐how, Onema, the central organisation in France for water and aquatic environments, has participated in preparing solutions and will take part in the official sessions and the side events organised during this full week of meetings dedicated to water issues.

Onema in full stride at Marseille, 6th World Water Forum: PRESS RELEASE

Press conference : Costs and quality of public water and sanitation services in France

For the first time, the National observatory on public water and sanitation services, created and managed by Onema, the National agency for water and aquatic environments, with support from State services, will present nation‐wide data on the organisation, asset management, prices and performance of water and sanitation services in France.

  Wednesday, 14 March from 12.00 to 13.00 / Marseilleveyre room, Palais des événements 

Agenda        Invitation to the press