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  • The European IWRM-NET programme

    IWRM-net provides a network for not only funders but also scientists and policy makers who are interested in the process of developing knowledge and improving research on water management in Europe

Progress report on the European IWRM-NET programme

Onema is a partner in the European IWRM-NET programme, a network devoted to sustainable management of water resources. Launched in 2006 for a period of five years, the goal of the programme is to pool European research efforts by harmonising the various national programmes, by determining where new research is needed and by funding new European projects. A progress report on the initial work was drafted and guidelines for the future efforts of the network were defined during a meeting held in Brussels last February. Two research projects, FORECASTER and RIPFLOW, were selected, dealing with the hydromorphological impacts and pressures on good ecological status. The goal of two other water-governance projects, I-FIVE and KNAC, is to propose innovative tools for implementation of the WFD. A second research call is now being prepared and will be launched in mid-2009 to select a new series of projects.