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    ONEMA participates to the 5th World Water Forum wich takes place in Istanbul, Turkey, from 16 to 22 March 2009.

A joint Onema-Cemagref team for a research-action plan on rivers

Onema and Cemagref have set up in Lyon a joint research team for rivers. The goal is to strengthen the ties between research and action. The team will devote itself to four types of action, namely

  1. 1) improve knowledge on the ecological operation of environments,
  2. 2) develop the tools and methods required by water managers to implement priority policies, such as restoring river morphologies and modifying obstacles to flow,
  3. 3) ensure the transfer to and use of the tools by managers,
  4. 4) provide technical support to people in the field for complex management operations and evaluate restoration operations for feedback purposes.