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NewsLetter #2

December 2008

Responding to future challenges of water and aquatic systems

What’s new ?

National Consultation on Water, from 15April to October 2008.

Thanks to this consultation which took place in all local areas, citizens were able to give their feedback relating to major guidelines and objectives for water management for period 2010-2015, according to the Water Framework Directive.
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Water Control : Onema reinforces its cooperation with the State Departemental Services.

onemaIn order to fight against aquatic environments damages and to reach a good ecological status by 2015, Onema cooperates with State local offices. This cooperation is being formalized thanks to agreements which are being signed with the prefects Department. Among them, two third have already signed and all of them should be signed by fall 2008…
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Protection of the eel : an European management project

onemaFollowing a sudden drop in the 1980s, the population of European eels has continued its decline. The Council of ministers of the European Union in September 2007 voted a European regulation setting up measures for the recovery of the Eel stock.
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Onema mobilises research institutes on water sector

The Onema made expertise and research one of its priorities. It acquires progressively scientific and technical skills and develops sustainable partnership with public research agencies in order to run essential programmes and studies to support water policy. First agreement have been signed with the BRGM, the CEMAGREF, INERIS and IFREMER...
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PCB Pollution of rivers

onemaIn June 2007, a Cemagref report revealed contamination of the Rhône by PCBs, which are chlorinated chemical derivatives, often sold as Aroclor or Pryanol and used for years in industry as lubricants and for electrical insulation. The PCB levels found in the flesh of fish in the Rhône were higher than permitted by European health standards and the French authorities immediately banned fishing and consumption of the fish. Both the manufacture and use of PCBs have been forbidden for over 20 years given the clearly recognised toxicity of the products....
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900 k€ for 2008
The cost of the overall programme to monitor fish contamination is 900 k€ for 2008, of which 50% is financed
by Onema, 35% by the Agriculture and Fisheries ministry and 15% by the Health ministry.


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Philippe Vachet, Head of the Ille-et-Vilaine office
Philippe Vachet talks about the effectiveness of an evaluation and inspection operation linked with information efforts to stop the use of phytosanitary products along rivers.
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