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Financial solidarity with the overseas territories

Onema funds drinking-water and sanitation infrastructure in the overseas territories as part of its mission to ensure financial solidarity between river basins. In 2012, 25 sanitation projects and five drinking-water projects received funding representing a total of 39 million euros.

The European urban-wastewater directive requires upgrading of sewer networks and treatment plants to comply with standards and is applicable in the FODs (French overseas departments). Though the situation varies considerably from one department to another, in general the FODs have suffered from a lack of investment. Watertreatment plants do not exist in some cases and many do not comply with the European directive. The water resources abstracted are often insufficient to meet drinking-water needs and problems concerning the quality of the water distributed persist. Onema funds sanitation and drinking-water infrastructure to ensure that suitable, highperformance equipment is available overseas, in the name of national solidarity. In 2012, an «exceptional» budget of 21.3 million euros was added to the 17.7 million initially planned in order to limit the risk of European litigation and to ensure effective access to water and sanitation for all. The total budget of 39 million euros was divided among approximately 30 projects to build or upgrade wastewater-treatment plants, sewer systems and drinking-water networks.

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