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At the mid-way point in the first WFD cycle, France has already launched the preparations for the second cycle that will begin in 2015. The initial steps will be the revision of the status reports (2013), revision of the monitoring programmes and of the water-status assessment guidelines/data repository (2014), followed by the revision of the RBMPs (river-basin management plans) and the programmes of measures (2015). The preparatory work is based on the experience gained during the launch of the first cycle and on the mid-cycle reports for which Onema coordinated the data-collection process prior to delivering the reports to the European commission at the end of 2012.

In the process, the manual presenting the methods available to characterise pressures, e.g. pollution, abstractions, hydromorphological alterations, etc., was distributed to the river basins in view of updating the status reports. An exceptional effort was made to identify new pollutants requiring monitoring in aquatic environments for future monitoring programmes. New biological assessment tools filled out the existing range and will be used to enhance the reliability of ecological-status assessments and to assist managers in designing the best measures to restore water to good status. Work continued to improve data-management procedures in the water information system (WIS-F). The data repository was expanded and now includes data from the overseas territories. The tools required for the second WFD cycle were developed, notably the water-status assessment system. The Onema field offices have also mobilised to provide the river basins with the offices’ extensive knowledge.