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  • The challenge of good water status

    The European water framework directive (WFD), adopted in October 2000, set an ambitious goal for the water policy of Member States, i.e. good ecological status of water and aquatic environments by 2015. In France, the WFD is incorporated in the law on water and aquatic environments voted on 30 December 2006. Following the Grenelle environmental agreement, the ambition of the French government is to avoid damage to or to reach good ecological status of at least two-thirds of all water bodies in the country.

Onema Fields of activity

Onema, a driving force in reclaiming water and aquatic environments

Created by the 2006 Law on water and aquatic environments, Onema is a national agency whose mission is to restore water and aquatic environments to good ecological status, the goal set by the European Water framework directive (WFD).

Attaining good ecological status requires:

  • preserving water quality,
  • restoring river hydromorphology and continuity,
  • improving water resource management,
  • protecting biodiversity,
  • inspecting use of water ressources.

For each of these fields, Onema works to:

  • stimulate Research and Development,
  • manage the French Water Information System (WIS-F) and produce data,
  • protect aquatic environments by inspecting use and enforcing regulations,
  • support territorial management of water and restoration of aquatic environments.
The more recent results of these topics are presented here. Numerous projects are carried out with patners and their viewpoints are also presented.


Protect biodiversity | Preserve water quality | Improve resource management | Diagnose physical alterations in rivers | Restore ecological continuity | Develop economic research | Run checks on resource use| Policing activities | Water and sanitation services | Pooling of water data