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Newsletter #22- Winter 2015-2016 (Institutional Publications )

Accompanying implementation of French ecological networks dans les territoires (Onema Meetings N°35)

Five new examples of river hydromorphology restoration have been published

Better protection of aquatic environments thanks to the water police (Onema-info)]

River restoration and Natural Water Retention Measures (Onema Meetings N°35)

Overseas territories, the WFD and bioassessment (Onema Meetings N°28)

The brief Eaufrance - n°12 - The status of surface water and groundwater(The Briefs Eaufrance )

Reinforcing coproduction and brokering of research, development and innovation results for water and aquatic environments(Onema Meetings N°32)

Freshwater fish and climate change. Current situation and adaptation strategies (Knowledge for action)

The brief Eaufrance - n°11 - Agricultural practices and nitrates in aquatic environments (Briefs)

Contributions of hydro-economic models to water management in France (Knowledge for action)

Assessing the passage of obstacles by fish. Concepts, design and application (Knowledge for action)

The importance of the science-policy interface for water and climate(Onema Meetings N°30)

A national specimen bank for continental aquatic environments?(Onema Meetings N°29)

Economic analysis for managment of water and aquatic environments (Knowledge for action)

Monitoring programmes: WFD requirements, their implementation and use of the results (Onema Meetings N°27)

Designing ambitious projects for river restoration (Knowledge for action)

Chemical contamination of aquatic environments : Tools and methods for assessment and action (Onema Meetings - recap)

Perspectives of the social sciences on the implementation of water policies

The brief Eaufrance - n°10 : Sub-basin management plans at 20

River hydromorphology - a primer (Knowledge for action)

Structural characteristics of priority abstractions of use in designing protection systems (Knowledge for action)

Just published The brief Eaufrance - n°10 : Sub-basin management plans at 20(Briefs)

Methods and tools to control agricultural nonpoint-source pollution for managers of water resources (Onema Meetings N°26)

Bringing wetland research in line with operational needs (Onema Meetings N°25)

Reducing chemical contamination of aquatic environments: five years of progress and results (Onema Meetings N°23)

3rd CIS-SPI event : Water science meets policy: How to streamline knowledge to address WFD challenges? ( Onema Meetings (recap))

Exotic crayfish invasions Ecological impacts and management approaches (Onema Meetings (recap) )

Improving control over nutrients by restoring river hydromorphology (Knowledge for action)

Mapping techniques and hydrogeological models to characterise seawater intrusion in french coastal aquifers and asses the potential impact of sea-level (Knowledge for action)