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International Partnership

In parallel to its national missions, Onema is also present internationally and above all in the European scene. This presence is mainly due to its commitment for sustainable management of water resources and related environment in line with major environmental global challenges (such as adaptation to climate change; and halting the loss of biodiversity) and European policies for water and aquatic environment.

The agency takes part in major international fora (e.g. The World Water Forum) to address global water and aquatic environment issues and put water high in the international political agenda. The insertion of Onema in European projects and networks is part of the agency strategy, to develop synergies with European partners:


• To implement European policies for water (Water Framework Directive and parent directives ; Eel regulation…) in an harmonized, coherent and effective way in each country, in response to common objectives

• To organize scientific and technical support for the formulation/implementation/ evaluation of EU water policies, including standardization aspects

• To manage information about water resources, uses and aquatic environments, especially those linked to the Water Information System for Europe (WISE) and European Union reporting requirements about directive applications