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Working with others


To ensure compliance with the European goals for the good ecological status of water, Onema works to implement a coordinated and effective water policy that is consistent throughout the country.

To reconcile those long-term goals and the need for immediate action, the agency works closely with all stakeholders in the water sector, each entity contributing with its know-how and experience.

Onema set priorities for research on water and aquatic environments, and finances multi-annual programmes through partnerships with public research organisations such as Cemagref, BRGM, Ineris, Ifremer, etc.

The agency makes its know-how available to the National water committee and the Ecology ministry, and it works actively in the field on the national level with the State services (MISE, DDAE, DIREN, etc.), on the river-basin level with the Water agencies and on the local level with local governments.

Finally, it also collaborates with environmental-protection groups, consumer groups, the professional federations (fisheries, private companies, etc.), with IOWater, etc.