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Working with others

“Environment policies require sound scientific evidence base to be organized at the international level. On water policies, a European interface is required between member states, who are confronted with the same Water Framework Directive (WFD) issues, and with the European commission, where a great deal of water legislation originates. To be effective, the entity must be able to call on national and regional relays or “mirror groups”, similar to the system set up by Onema and the Water agencies in France. Other Member States have also expressed the views to create a “mirror SPI group” at the national level, which sounds a promising way forward in ensuring good coordination” Patrick Lavarde

International Partnership

In parallel to its national missions, Onema is also presented internationally and above all in the European scene. This presence is mainly due to its commitment for sustainable management of water resources and related environment. Onema was created in response to the need for the French Ministry in charge of ecology and sustainable environment to elaborate the setting up of the European policy for water and aquatic environments. Acting at the European level is thus a strategic action. Moreover the insertion of Onema in European projects and networks is part of the agency strategy. Onema develops synergies with European partners: To lead operational and common actions for research and development which support the setting up of water policies To know and check information about water, especially those linked to the European Water Information System (WIS-E) and European Union report about directive applications To set up European policies for water (especially DCE) which is harmonized, coherent and effective in each country, in response to common objectives.

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