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  • EDITORIAL - NEWSLETTER #19 - Summer 2014

    Transparency of data on the human water cycle is a major issue for Onema

    The French approach to water management is regularly assessed. At the end of 2012, the interministerial committee to modernise public policy (CIMAP) launched an assessment of water policy and the results of the study contributed to the environmental conference held in September 2013.

    The conference stressed the need to "ensure the transparency of water policy for consumers" by reinforcing the national observatory on public water and sanitation services. It also called for an "improvement in the effectiveness of water policy" by optimising service costs and resources and by rationalising their organisation. With oversight from the State and support from the departmental territorial agencies, the local environmental agencies and the Water agencies, Onema set up the observatory with the goals of transparency and effectiveness in mind.

    After five years of operation, the observatory hopes to facilitate user access to data via a site that will be extensively renovated in 2015. It will also continue to publish national reports, following the first published for the World water forum in Marseille in 2012, with an in-depth report on the year 2010 (see the next page) and a recently published summary report on the year 2011.

    The observatory is not vested with the "regulatory powers" that exist in countries such as the U.K., Italy or Portugal, however the light it sheds on the human water cycle in France provides decision-makers with the information on the national, basin and local levels required to guide future water policy.


    Eric Bréjoux,
    Director of the observatory on water and sanitation services


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