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  • EDITORIAL - NEWSLETTER # 18 - WINTER 2013-2014

    Protection of wetlands is a priority for public policy

    Wetlands are an important component in many public policies, such as the national biodiversity strategy, ecological networks, the common agricultural policy, the national action plan to restore ecological continuity, the European regulation targeting recovery of the eel stock, etc. The French government recently confirmed that the destruction of wetlands must be stopped. The project to launch a third national plan in favour of wetlands is one of the priorities in the road map for the ecological transition produced by the recent Environmental conference.

    The World Wetlands Day on 2 February was a further reason to highlight in this newsletter the work done at Onema to protect wetlands. Each day, Onema personnel contribute to protective policies by sharing with local stakeholders their knowledge on wetlands and participating in inspection programmes with the other branches of the environmental police.

    The latest RBMPs (river-basin management plans) highlighted needs for research in various fields, for example to assist implementation of the "avoid, mitigate, compensate" sequence, and for new knowledge that can be pooled and made available to a wide range of stakeholders. In conjunction with its partners, Onema strives to fulfil those needs.

    For example, over the past four years, we have managed the national wetlands portal and coordinated the network of wetland centres so that anyone, whether an expert, technician from a local government, farmer, forester, company, engineering firm or simple citizen, can find information, identify a wetland or humid environment, understand the functioning of these environments and the services they render, learn about wetland species and take action to preserve and restore wetlands.

    We hope that the synergy of the various initiatives taken at the different levels will continue to produce positive results for wetlands that clearly play an important role in the balanced management of our territories.


    Philippe Dupont,
    Director of the Research and development department, Onema


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