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    Elisabeth Dupont Kerlan
    General director of Onema


The 2013 Environmental conference was held on 20-21 September 2013 and a number of conclusions directly impact the work at Onema. The creation in the near future of the French agency for biodiversity (AFB) was confirmed by the President and the Prime minister. Onema management is now engaged in discussions on the draft law creating the AFB because Onema will be absorbed by it and constitute the main component.

One of the six round tables was devoted to water issues and, as noted by the director of the Water and biodiversity department of the Ecology ministry, the French approach to management based on entire river basins was confirmed. The work during the round table was prepared by the audit on water policy carried out by an interministerial work group, several members of parliament and a number of ministerial work groups. In the interview opposite, Anne-Marie Levraut, the operational manager of the water-policy assessment, provides information on the main conclusions drawn by the interministerial work group.

The road map for the ecological transition produced by the environmental conference lists the work and projects that must be carried out prior to the next conference in September 2014. Certain aspects that are of particular importance for Onema are contained in this newsletter, namely efforts against nonpoint-source pollution, the increase in the number of priority abstractions from 500 to 1 000, upgrading of water and sanitation infrastructure in the overseas territories and easier access to public water data. Concerning the above topics and many others, heavy demands are already placed on the agency and Onema must continue to demonstrate its capacity to efficiently provide effective solutions.

I hope this document will prove interesting and useful.


Elisabeth Dupont Kerlan,
Onema general director


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