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    Elisabeth Dupont Kerlan
    General director of Onema


Now two months into my term as general director of Onema, I fully recognise the importance of the agency in efforts to restore the quality of water and aquatic environments in France. Five years after its founding and thanks to the considerable work on the part of my predecessor, Patrick Lavarde, and the entire workforce, Onema has now exited its development phase and entered a more operational phase.
Tangible results have already been achieved. Examples are the creation of a solid scientific partnership to provide public water policy-makers with reliable information, the reinforcement of the water information system to include the data required for the management of water and aquatic environments in compliance with the European directive and, in conjunction with State services, inspections on water usage taking into account the needs of aquatic environments and actual water usage throughout the country.

Today, the French government has confirmed its support for the agency by approving a preliminary budget of almost 145 M€ for 2013, not including the Ecophyto programme. The upcoming goals contract, drafted taking into account the Tenth set of water-agency programmes of measures, the results of the French environmental conference and the European blueprint to safeguard Europe's waters, should be signed in the spring of 2013. The contract will constitute a true road map for our agency. The State has thus provided Onema with the means for an ambitious programme corresponding to the expectations of its partners and oversight ministry, on the condition that a solution be found for the administrative difficulties concerning the personnel and their status.
Let us continue to develop and reinforce our agency, the leading player in water and aquatic environments in support of public water policy. And may I also wish you all the very best for the New Year 2013.


Elisabeth Dupont Kerlan,
General director of Onema


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