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  • Ecological continuity Vezins Poutes

    A film directed by EDF, Onema and the Seine-Normandy water agency
    showing two major examples of restoration continuity on two French rivers

  • The future of salmon in our rivers and oceans

    Atlantic salmon, the great migratory fish symbolising water quality, are in decline both in France and throughout the North Atlantic Ocean. The 31st Annual Meeting of NASCO, the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation was held in Saint-Malo from 3 to 6 June 2014, with organisational support from Onema. The meeting is a chance to review the situation for Atlantic salmon and the management policies implemented to conserve and restore salmon stocks.

  • Restoration of ecological continuity is essential to efforts to restore good water status 

    Damage to the physical characteris-tics of rivers endangers the goal of restoring the good ecological status of water by 2015. The main challenge, i.e. restore ecological continuity and river hydromorphology, will be met only by combining incentives and legal action.

  • Onema takes part in implementing the national action plan for river restoration

    River restoration is one of the conditions required to reach good water status by 2015. On 13 November, Chantal Jouanno, junior minister for ecology, announced a national action plan to restore the ecological continuity of rivers.

  • The Touques river basin, an outstanding example of river restoration

    The announcement of a national action plan to restore the ecological continuity of rivers was made in the Touques river basin in Normandy, itself an excellent example of restored continuity.

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Territorial management of water and restoration of environments

Support territorial planning

To ensure that ecological issues are better taken into account in the territorial implementation of water policies (river-basin planning at the district (RBMP) and sub-basin levels, programmes of measures, major-river plans, Natura 2000 goals documents for sites with aquatic environments, etc.), Onema assists the Water agencies in preparing biological aspects via its technical skills in biology and hydromorphology.

Encourage ecological engineering on the local level

Onema assists in restoration operations for aquatic environments around the country. With the Water agencies, active on the river-basin level, it stimulates the emergence of local project-management capabilities and provides them with help in defining restoration goals and means. Onema also participates in operations to restore carrying capacities for migratory fish, the symbols of the ecological quality of rivers. It provides its know-how on how to improve aquatic environments and restore ecological continuity, and it contributes to evaluating restoration programmes.

About the Common Fisheries Policy : The North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASCO)

Onema also financially supports the water sector in the overseas territories and Corsica. For example, it participates in funding water supply and treatment infrastructure to assist in efforts to modernise the sector.