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  • Preserving migratory fish

    The example of pyrenean rivers news
    A film directed by Onema

  • The future of Salmon in our rivers and Oceans

    Atlantic salmon, the great migratory fish symbolising water quality, are in decline both in France and throughout the North Atlantic Ocean.

  • The 31st Genreal Assembely of NASCO, the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization

    organized with the support of Onema, took place in Saint Malo from the 3rd to the 6th June 2014 The official website

  • The Atlantic Salmon in France

    Overview, Fisheries, Habitats restoration, Restocking...

    With contributions from B.Valadou, A.Richard, MA.Arago, M.Chanseau, V-Vauclin and V.Burgun (Onema)

Preserving migratory fish : the example of pyrenean rivers news

Onema has produced a film to raise awareness among the general public, including elected officials and public authorities, of the alarming situation facing migratory fish, including the Atlantic salmon, in France and other North Atlantic countries.

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On the Adour River and other watersheds, migratory fish are affected by a wide range of pressures affecting the aquatic environments they occupy. These fish serve as important indicators of the well-being of our aquatic environments. Actions are needed to rebuild populations of migratory fish including through the restoration of river continuity and their physical characteristics and/or the establishment of effective fisheries management measures. Other measures that should be encouraged are the establishment of fish passage facilities to enable effective upstream and downstream migration. It is also important to manage dams and associated fish passage facilities in an appropriate manner.

The conservation and restoration of populations of migratory fish represents a major challenge because it entails work on a wide range of pressures affecting our water resources and it requires the involvement of all stakeholders. It also requires coherent public policies with regard to safeguarding and improving aquatic environments.