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  • Tools to assess the ecological status of surface waters in overseas territories









    A major R&D effort has been made to equip overseas territories with suitable bioassessment tools for their aquatic environments.

  • The "Chemical contaminants and aquatic environments" symposium









    It presented an update on five years of study and research...

  • A call for projects to better characterise micropollutants and reduce them at their source

    Onema, the Ecology ministry and the Water agencies jointly launched a call for projects...

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    Onema Meetings No 11 :
    Treatment of wastewater, sludge and septage in small to mid-sized towns. A symposium organised by Onema and Cemagref.

  • Just published

    Onema Meetings No 10 :
    Drinking-water abstractions and nonpoint-source pollution
    Operational solutions for source supply zones of priority water abstractions

  • Just published

    Onema Meeting Recap :
    Economic instruments to support water policy in Europe : paving the way for research and future development

  • Economic instruments in support of water policies

    Onema organised a meeting in Paris for 120 environ- mental economists and river-basin managers from 11 European countries to discuss economic instruments used to support management efforts for water and aquatic environments.

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Stimulate Research and Development

Encourage research

Evaluating the good ecological status of water resources and aquatic environments, anticipating the effects of climate change, assessing the impact of human activities, determining the long-term risks of emerging pollutants, etc. are all major challenges for which new knowledge and innovative technologies are required. Sustainable management of water resources and aquatic environments must therefore be based on high-level research targeting directly useable results.

Onema acts as the "ways and means" agency in that it stimulates French public research, sets priorities for research on water and ecosystems, build partnership with research organizations and funds research targeting directly useable results in the public interest. With the necessary scientific and technical personnel to direct the research, it devotes a significant part of its budget (12%) to R&D work. It participates in European networks and contributes to their development.


Develop science advice and support engineering work

Onema produces tools to diagnose, manage and restore aquatic environments. It leads a network of experts who assist in negotiating and in implementing water policies. It designs the media used to disseminate technical knowledge and organises training courses.