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    Patrick Lavarde, General director of Onema

EDITORIAL - NEWSLETTER # 6 - quaterly Winter 2009-2010

Onema signed its first goals contract with the French State on 13 November. For the next four years, the contract sets a number of ambitious goals in terms of restoring the good status of water and meeting challenges such as adaptation to climate change, sustainable management of water resources, reductions in pollution and reestablishment of ecological continuity. Our work will follow three strategic guidelines. First of all, we must develop our capacity for science advice and provide technical support to the people implementing public water policies.

To that end, we must encourage the scientific community to acquire the necessary scientific knowledge and methods. Secondly, we must improve the knowledge system for water and aquatic environments because it is an indispensable element in efforts to monitor the status of aquatic environments, track uses, analyse pressures and assess water status. Finally, we must contribute, with our partners, to more efficient implementation of water policy. Since its founding, Onema has organised its collaborative efforts on the river-basin level with the Water agencies and offices, and on the departmental level with the local State services such as ONCFS, under the authority of the prefects.

We will pursue the partnership efforts already launched on the national level and develop them with research institutes, professional organisations, companies, associations and local governments. A number of initiatives have also been launched on the European level. This initial goals contract reinforces Onema in its role as the central technical organisation in meeting the challenge to reclaim the good status of water and aquatic environments.


Patrick Lavarde,
General director of Onema