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ONEMA and the "Grenelle de l'environnement" commitments

Prevention of chemical pollution | Management of water resources | The blue corridor

The aim of the Environment Round Table is to define the key points of government policy on ecological and sustainable development issues for the coming five years.

In this file, Onema presented its missions and activities in light of the commitments undertaken by the "Grenelle de l'environnement". We will take a look at the efforts dealing essentially with the prevention of chemical pollution, management of water resources and the blue corridor. Much of this work is carried out on multiple levels within Onema.

           L’Onema et les engagements du Grenelle

Commitment 103
Manage the risks arising from medicinal residues in water

Commitment 104
Reduce the release of priority substances to water and sediment

Commitment 105
Ban phosphates in all laundry detergents by 2010

Commitment 111
Detect water leaks in water networks and schedule the necessary work

Commitment 118
Develop new systems to recover and reuse rainwater and wastewater

Commitment 179
National solidarity with overseas territories

Commitment 73
Green and blue corridor

Commitment 112
Acquire 20 000 hectares of wetlands to counter "artificialisation"


Commitment 113
Grassy banks and planted buffer zones at least 5 metres wide along rivers and water bodies listed in urban-planning documents

Commitment 114
Restore continuity for freshwater ecosystems and eliminate the worst obstacles

Commitment 55
Develop renewable forms of energy taking environmental requirements into account