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  • The new Statement of objectives with the State 2013-2018




  • France reports to the EU on its strategy to achieve good water status by 2015

    •   On 22 March 2010, France submitted to the European commission the data on water status in France and the overseas territories, as well as the programmes of measures to be implemented in view of restoring water and aquatic environments to good status, in compliance with the Water framework directive (WFD). Onema provided the technical coordination required for this vast collective project that is remarkable for the number of actors involved as well as the diversity and volume of data.
  • ONEMA and the "Grenelle de l'environnement" commitments

The specific aims of ONEMA

A four part strategy

  Onema stimulate Research and Development

        Protect aquatic environments by inspecting use and enforcing regulations

        Manage the French Water Information System (WIS-F) and produce data

        Support territorial management of water and restoration of environments

Onema responds to specific aims

  • Onema organises and supplies high-level science advice, based on scientific knowledge, to support the formulation, negotiation, implementation and evaluation of public policy in the water sector.
  • It participates in inspections on water usage and surveillance of aquatic environments, in prevention of damage to environments, in their restoration and in the preservation of biodiversity.
  • It coordinates the information system and participates in acquisition of data on water and aquatic environments, in the related activities and services, and in making the information available to the public as well as to European, national and local authorities.
  • It provides water managers with its technical support and field-acquired knowledge on the operation of aquatic environments.
  • It participates in formulating and disseminating knowledge, in training water-management personnel and in raising public awareness concerning the good ecological status of water and aquatic environments.