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Message from the General Director, Mr Patrick Lavarde


The Grenelle de l’environnement agreement placed water at the heart of a comprehensive environmental approach with two ambitious goals, first, restore or at least make significant progress toward good ecological status of all water bodies by 2015, and secondly, guarantee the sustainable supply of high-quality water to meet the essential needs of people. It reinforced the policies already launched in France following the European water framework directive in 2000 and the Water law in 2006.

This agency has made a major contribution to implementing Grenelle policy by actively participating in the Water and Green and blue corridor operational committees. Onema personnel are already actively at work on the selected priorities, including establishing the blue corridor, restoring ecological continuity, preserving biodiversity and setting up a strategy to purchase particularly threatened wetlands, as well as reducing chemical pollution and better understanding the effects of medicinal substances in water. In addition, the Parliament has voted the necessary funds that will enable Onema to finance a part of the national Ecophyto plan, one of the key Grenelle policies targeting a 50% reduction in pesticide use over the next ten years.

This summer, we will sign our goals contract with the Ecology ministry. It will include the obligations resulting from the Grenelle agreement as well as modifications arising from the general revision of public policies. Via this letter, we would like to present some of our work, generally carried out in partnerships with other water stakeholders, that contributes to effective implementation of the Grenelle agreement.


Patrick Lavarde
General director of Onema