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Colloquium Ecological Engineering: from Concepts to Applications

     As part of the missions of a working group of the Scientific Council led by Onema on "the elaboration and implementation of public policies”, the question of good ecological status has been raised. To continue and expand the discussion, the Scientific Council organizes, as part of the international symposium "Ecological engineering: from concept to implementation" of 2 to 4 December in Paris, a session devoted to

Good ecological status of freshwater environments: progress, limits and scientific opportunities

This session will be held on Friday 4 décember AM and will be chaired by Luc Abbadie (chair of the Scientific Council). Four keynotes speeches are planned:

  • Opening: How to deal with the “good ecological status” concept ?; ABBADIE L., Université Pierre et Marie Curie
  • Ecological assessment methods in the Water Framework Directive implementation process; POIKANE S., JRC
  • Chemical assessment in freshwater environments in a dynamic perspective; MOUCHEL J.M., Université Pierre et Marie Curie
  • Territorial and social processes associated to water policies implementation; STEYAERT P., INRA
    General discussion

    Other sessions of interest for aquatic environments in the symposium include « Restoration of lakes in different climates zones : From theory to practice », « Management of aquatic ecosystems»; «Ecological Engineering and socio-economics issues » and « Wetland and watershed management »

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