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Onema at the seventh World water forum; participation of Onema to sessions and side events

Onema takes part in the 7th World water forum, 12-17 April 2015, South Korea. Being a great occasion for exchanges and experiences sharing in water domain, this international event is an opportunity for Onema to exchange on its know-how, to maintain its international and European partnerships and above all to highlight the results of its scientific and technical actions. Thus, accent is put on science as an help for decision making in the contexts of uncertainty and with some ambitious objectives of restoration of aquatic environment quality.

       Onema will participate in three sessions

   European process

Climate change adaptation and mitigation in Africa, Americas,Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Mediterranean region / European examples and instruments for effective adaptation to climate change
Frédérique Martini
  Session INR.1.3.EU : 15/4, 9h00-10h55 - Hotel Hyundai - GYEONGJU

Recommendations for water management in Europe
Frédérique Martini
  Session R.Final.EU : 15/4, 14h40-19h00 - Hotel Hyundai - GYEONGJU

  Thematic process

Establishing the foundations for success: the science, benefits and relevance of eco-hydrology
Philippe Dupont (à confirmer)
  Session T3.2.3 : 15/4, 09h00-11h00 - Inter-Burgo Hotel - DAEGU

<    Onema and the French Water agencies will organize a side event at the French pavilion
  Side event : 14/4, 10h30-12h00 - DAEGU exposition

This side event presents the different steps of the adaptation to global changes. It goes through various examples of some practices and solutions for adaptation depending on local contexts : some concrete implementations on various areas (Europe, Mediterranean zone, Africa, Asia), some solutions for adaptation to climate change depending on local context (prospective, planning measures, water savings, rainwater collection, etc.) and run by different actors (French or foreign water agencies, local authorities, companies). The process and the solutions presented contribute to the UNCCC COP21 preparation.

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