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    The 3rd workshop " Water science meets policy" organized in the framework of the science-policy interface for WFD common implementation strategy (CIS-SPI) was organized in November 2012 by Onema, and DG Research and innovation of the European commission. It was titled " How to streamline knowledge to address WFD challenges?" and focused on demonstrating the added value of SPI at all geographical levels and proposing key aspects to implement a sustainable SPI activity in the CIS structure...

Science-policy interface in support of the water framework directive – CIS-SPI activity report 2010-12

      The report

Contact: Frederique Martini
Mission Europe-Onema

The need for a sustainable science-policy interface in support of water policies was discussed for some years within the framework of the Common Implementation Strategy of the Water Framework Directive and related RTD projects. In this context a dedicated science-policy ad hoc activity (CIS-SPI) was established by the European water directors for the period 2010-2012.
This activity has been jointly led by the European Commission (DG Research and innovation) and France (ONEMA – French national agency for water and aquatic environments).
CIS-SPI established close working relationships among research projects and WFD implementers, and has achieved three main tasks:

  • inventory of research and implementation needs from CIS groups;
  • identification of available research and research gaps;
  • and improvement of transfer and usability of research outputs.

  • Over its mandate CIS-SPI achieved consistent results regarding these tasks which are extensively covered in this report.