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WATER JPI PILOT CALL FOR TRANSNATIONAL COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH PROJECTS " Emerging water contaminants – anthropogenic pollutants and pathogens"

You wish to collectively act and innovate to address questions relating to water challenges faced in Europe, and notably the effects of emerging contaminants on ecosystem services, ecological and physiological processes, and finally human health? Answer the first joint pilot call launched by the Water JPI " Emerging water contaminants – anthropogenic pollutants and pathogens", on the three themes:

       Identification and prevention of emerging freshwater contaminants;

      Control, mitigation and methods for treatment and removal; and

       Impact on ecosystems services and human health.

        The Joint Programming Initiative “Water Challenges for a Changing World" (Water JPI) is officially launching on 1st November 2013 a pilot call for transnational collaborative projects addressing the topic “Emerging water contaminants – anthropogenic pollutants and pathogens”.

The amount of public funding available for transnational collaborative research projects through this call is estimated almost up to 9 M Euros.

Onema is a partner of this pilot call. Specific arrangements are applicable for supporting of French applicants to the pilot call.

    Contacts :

For financial information please contact: Frédérique Martini
For technical Information please contact : Pierre-François Staub

    All information regarding this pilot call are available from du Water JPI web site :