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Just publish : "Ecological services valuation for aquatic environments”

Jean-Pierre Amigues and Bernard Chevassus-au-Louis

The notion of ecological services covers a set of tangible and intangible goods and services that derive fromthe natural world and benefit to human beings.

The ecological services provided by aquatic environments raise a growing interest among water managers and the wider community of stakeholders affected by the quality of these environments.

The book “Ecological services valuation: scientific, institutional and operational challenges” –to be edited in fall 2011– shows that an efficient use of ecological services valuation is at the crossroads of different issues and challenges both for the scientific communities involved and the water environmentsmanagers. It presents themain elements of what could be a use doctrine of ecological services valuation in management and policymaking context. This leaflet gives a snapshot of this work.

    The complete book is available on the website of Onema ( as well as on the national portal for technical papers on water (
An english edition will be available during the course of the year 2012.