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Italy and Austria, 25-28 October 2011

Alteration of sediment transport and morphological features are common problems for most European rivers. This is particularly glaring in morphologically active, Mediterranean rivers, where riverbed incision is widespread and sometimes reaches extreme consequences. Negative effects are both ecological and socio-economical –e.g. in relation to flood risk and destabilization of river works- and can last for decades if not centuries.

Often further artificialization is added to water bodies in the attempt of stopping incision, while the implementation of restoration measures has been so far limited to few pilot cases. However, due especially to national and EU legislative drivers (among all, specific requirements in the Water Framework ad Floods directives), the importance of morphological restoration is growing fast in the agenda of river planners and managers.

The proposed field trip aims at providing opportunities to public officials and private practitioners to discuss on management alternatives, research needs, technical approaches, results of previous experiences based upon real cases of particular interest.

The field trip and associated workshop are organised by CIRF (Italian Centre for River Restoration) in the framework of RESTORE, a LIFE+ project with the main goal of disseminating knowledge and promoting networking of all subjects interested in river restoration.

    Conditions and registration

  • Provisional Agenda
  • The participation is free of charge, each participant will only have to cover his/her board and lodging costs
  • Working language : English (informal translation into French and Italian will be available).
  • For further information and to confirm participation (by 7 October 2011) please contact Andrea Goltara :