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Onema and IGN sign an agreement

Onema and IGN (National geographic and forestry institute) signed a partnership agreement on 29 July 2013. The collaborative effort will deal with enhancing geographic reference datasets on continental surface-water hydrographics, developing methods and tools to create, enter, use and exploit geographic data, and with knowledge transfers.


Revision of interbasin-solidarity conditions

The system of interbasin solidarity, intended to reinforce the investment capacity of the overseas territories and Corsica given the current lack of collective facilities and services, has been revised. The conditions under which Onema intervenes and the financial and administrative processes with the partners have been clarified. In particular, the standard contracts between Onema and the Prefects in the overseas territories, between Onema and the Water offices and between Onema and the beneficiary local governments have now been approved. The revised conditions comply with the observations made by the Revenue court.



Practical data sheets for managers of protected aquatic species

The first 12 information sheets on protected aquatic species are now available for water managers. Designed as effective management tools, the data sheets provide all the information required to implement protection measures for a species, including its distribution in France, regulatory status, conservation status, a description of its particular habitats, information on feeding, reproduction periods, etc. A total of 105 data sheets will be drafted by Onema, the National museum of natural history and the Ecology ministry in the years to come.



Raising awareness of ecological continuity among professionals in SW France

The Onema Southwest regional office organised a meeting on 20 June 2013 to present information and promote discussion on ecological continuity. The meeting was an occasion to take an in-depth look at the key points in restoration projects. It brought together 125 people representing a wide array of stakeholders directly involved in river restoration, including State services, the Water agency, local governments and their technicians, environmental-protection groups and engineering firms. The discussions addressed financial aids, identification of obstacles, advice on the passability of obstacles and technical solutions to limit the impacts. Specific examples of projects under way (Landes region, Bave and Dronne Rivers) were also presented.



"Point sampling" validated by the scientific community

With its partners from IRD (Research institute for development) and Irstea, Onema published a study on point sampling by electrofishing in the 27 August 2013 issue of the Fisheries Management and Ecology journal. The authors presented the fishing protocol and tested the effort required to monitor fish populations as a function of the environmental characteristics. The method, developed by Onema-CSP with Irstea, has been validated and is now used in France for the monitoring programme. For more information: Systematic point sampling of fish communities in medium and large-sized rivers : sampling procedure and effort – Fisheries Management and Ecology – 27 août 2013 - S. Tomanova, P.A. Tedesco, N. Roset, R. Berrebi dit Thomas, J. Belliard

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Ademe call for projects on water and innovative ecotechnology

Ademe has made a call for projects in view of providing funding for designers of innovative ecotechnologies who want to have their technology formally tested. The agency is willing to support innovative ecotechnologies that are market ready in the field of water monitoring and treatment, and in the field of soil and water-table monitoring. The calls for projects can be downloaded from the Ademe site (Calls for proposals section). Deadlines for reception of projects: 20 September 2013 and 31 January 2014

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