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Adoption of the Tenth set of water-agency programmes of measures

WFD implementation is based on the assessment and diagnosis of environmental status. The water-status assessment system (SEEE), a computer program designed to calculate water-status assessment indicators, requires the input of environmental monitoring data. Results are calculated for individual sites. It will eventually become the reference assessment system for all water categories.

To date, it is operational for assessment indicators pertaining to rivers (biological, physical-chemical and chemical) and groundwater (chemical only), in compliance with all applicable rules. By the end of this year, it will also be capable of handling the new biological indices for rivers on assessment sites using data up to 2012 that were previously prepared and collected for the SEEE.

SEEE training sessions will be organised in each river basin during the fall of 2013. They are intended for public water managers from the DREALs, Water agencies, local governments, etc., and other concerned stakeholders (engineering firms, etc.).

17 September (Paris) for the Seine-Normandie basin
19 September (Metz) for the Rhin-Meuse and Artois-Picardie basins
24 September (Orléans) for the Loire-Bretagne basin
26 September (Toulouse) for the Adour-Garonne basin
1 October (Lyon) for the Rhône-Méditerranée-Corse basin

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Symposium on chemical contamination in aquatic environments

On 17-18 June 2013, a symposium on contaminants and pollution in aquatic environments was organised by Onema in Paris, with the backing of the Ecology ministry and scientific and technical support from Ineris. The objective was to disseminate new knowledge and inform on the available management tools. The results of five years of R&D work, funded by Onema in conjunction with the Water agencies, in a partnership with Ineris, BRGM, Irstea, Ifremer and the Aquaref consortium, were presented.

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New salmon plan for 2013 to 2018

The Ecology ministry tasked Onema with devising a plan to implement the recommendations made by NASCO (North-Atlantic salmon conservation organisation) for 2013-2018, in conjunction with the partners involved in salmon management. A work group will meet three times between now and December 2013, when the French salmon action plan will be transmitted to the EU.



New Onema regional director for the South-West region

Hervé Bluhm is the new Onema regional director for the South-West region. He replaces Lucile Grémy. He worked previously at the Midi-Pyrénées DREAL where he was the deputy delegate for the Adour-Garonne basin and head of the biodiversity and natural-resources department. Before that, at DATAR, he served as the deputy head of development for the Pyrenees region.


Water-policy audits and assessment

Some 15 audits and assessments of water policy are likely to have an effect on Onema.

On the governmental level: - the mission to roughly define the future national biodiversity agency; - an assessment of water policy and of the environmental police forces by the interministerial committee for the modernisation of public policy; - the national meeting on environmental law.

On the parliamentary level:
- the mission on quantitative water management, assigned to Philippe Martin;
- the mission to assess water policy, assigned to Michel Lesage, MP from the Côtes d’Armor department.

National water committee:
- a work group on the assessment of water policy.

Other entities:
- an opinion on the management and use of water in agriculture, by the Economic, social and environmental council;
- a revision of the strategy for water-status monitoring and revision of the RBMPs, by the General commission on the environment and sustainable development; - General commission on agriculture and rural areas;
- the mission on an ecological tax system, assigned to Christian de Perthuis.


Ademe call for projects on water and innovative ecotechnology

Ademe has made a call for projects in view of providing funding for designers of innovative ecotechnologies who want to have their technology formally tested. The agency is willing to support innovative ecotechnologies that are market ready in the field of water monitoring and treatment, and in the field of soil and water-table monitoring. The calls for projects can be downloaded from the Ademe site (Calls for proposals section). Deadlines for reception of projects: 20 September 2013 and 31 January 2014.



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