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The French water sector to demonstrate solutions

French stakeholders in the water sector have joined forces in the French water partnership (FWP) and will be present at the World water forum on a 900 square metre stand. Four aspects of French know-how and solutions will be presented,
1) river-basin management and the organisation of public water policy in France to achieve good water status,
2) the right to water and the performance levels of public water and sanitation services,
3) international cooperation and the 1% solidarity budget to fund access to water and sanitation, and
4) a number of remarkable initiatives in the field of research and innovation.
The first topic is managed by Onema, the Water agencies and the Ecology ministry, who will also share on the same site, with the Water offices, a 40 square metre stand to present their respective roles and missions. Visitors will discover the decentralised projects for international co-operation and how the Observatory on public water and sanitation services operates. They will also learn about the history of public water policy and its stakeholders, and take part, if they wish, in a poll on major water issues.

Parc Chanot - Marseille Congress centre
Hall 3 (Palais Phocéen) - French pavilion


Strateau for efficient, quantitative water management

Strateau is a decision-aid tool that can help a given area (management unit, river basin) to quantify the water resources available to meet demands for various uses. Taking into account a set of parameters (spatial, temporal, etc.), Strateau can formulate scenarios by modifying different factors, e.g. changes in farming practices (irrigation, crop selection), climate, population, industrial practices, alternate resources, construction of a dam, etc., and integrating environmental needs. The goal is to determine the sustainability of different scenarios for global change and territorial planning. Strateau is a true decision-aid tool for water managers offering user-friendly features. It was developed by the Water embassy with funding from Onema and the Water agencies. It will be presented at the forum as a solution for quantitative water management in France and around the Mediterranean Sea, an area encountering high and chronic hydric stress.

Strateau will be presented at:

  • thematic session 2.1. Balance multiple uses through integrated water-resource management, target 5, on Tuesday, 13 March from 14.30 to 16.30, Congress centre, room Endoume 1+2;
  • the youth session during the Grassroots and citizenship process, Tuesday, 13 March from 8.30 to 10.30, Congress centre, Patio 4;
  • the Forum solutions village as one of the highly promising solutions.


Evaluation of public water and sanitation service performance is a key part of innovative governance systems

As a follow-up to the official session for target 2 of the "Good governance" priority, Onema will organise an event in the international section of the forum to present various systems for performance evaluation and monitoring that now exist in the world, how they operate, their limits and the potential means to improve them. French local governments, European and African regulatory organisations and the Scientific and technical association for water and the environment (ASTEE) will discuss the need for performance evaluation and monitoring, and the various systems intended to provide citizens with easily understandable information to ensure transparency and accessibility. Onema will present the information system for public water and sanitation services and the first annual report from the French national observatory, which compiles on the national level the data and performance indicators collected from the water and sanitation services throughout France.

"Evaluation needs and indicators on service performance"
Congress centre, Thursday, 15 March from 13.15 to 14.15


Ecological engineering to restore the good status of aquatic environments

Onema will organise a meeting to discuss innovation and what it can contribute to the management and protection of aquatic environments. A number of remarkable French initiatives will be presented. They span the entire field of ecological engineering, which targets a new, more integrated approach to territorial management, highlighting the capacity of natural systems to satisfy needs and control risks in terms of pollution, degradation, etc. This scientific field is undergoing rapid development and requires more attention. Among the topics discussed will be buffer zones to limit pollutant transfers in the framework of projects to improve the capacity of environments to purify water as well as monitoring and metrology techniques to better understand the health of natural environments. With Onema, the invited guests (research institutes, engineering firms, SMEs, competitiveness clusters, professional organisations) will have a chance to discuss the knowledge acquired, the difficulties encountered and the issues involved in the new approaches, from the R&D phase through to their effective implementation in the field.

French pavilion, Tuesday, 13 March from 13.00 to 14.20


Partnerships to protect drinking-water abstractions

The professional federation of water companies (FP2E) and the permanent assembly of the Chamber of agriculture (APCA) will organise a side event to emphasise the importance of partnerships in sustainable projects to protect drinking-water abstractions. The event will present examples, ranging from initial diagnostic studies to implementation, in which all stakeholders from farmers to the road and park services of local governments and infrastructure managers (highways, railroads), etc. took part in projects to improve the quality of drinking water at the point of abstraction. Onema will participate in the event and present information on how R&D can support efforts against non-point source pollution and to protect abstractions.

French pavilion, Wednesday, 14 March from 10.40 to 12.00


French experience in evaluating water and sanitation service performance

The Scientific and technical association for water and the environment (ASTEE) and Onema will organise a round table on the topic of governance and the performance of public water and sanitation services in France. It will bring together local stakeholders in the water and sanitation sector, such as the Paris-region water board (SEDIF), the Sanitation board for the Paris region (SIAAP), the Hauts-de-Seine departmental council and the National federation of local governments organising public services (FNCCR). Onema will present the national observatory on public water and sanitation services, established to evaluate and monitor performance, and the first national report on the organisation, management and performance of the French public water and sanitation services.

"French experience in evaluating water and sanitation service performance"
French pavilion, Thursday, 15 March from 15.00 to 16.20


Transparency and solidarity in public water services

Monitoring of public water and sanitation management is the means to ensure transparency and develop the confidence of local stakeholders and citizens. These advantages are also clear to stakeholders in France and Europe, who support international-solidarity efforts to set up drinking-water distribution systems. The round table, organised by the Paris-region water board (SEDIF), will be an occasion for organisations from Europe, Africa and Asia to present their monitoring systems. Onema will provide information on the national observatory on water and sanitation services, intended as a means to enhance transparency.



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