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22-24 November 2011 : Conference of mayors and local governments, Paris

Onema and the Water agencies will be present at the conference on a shared stand, from 22 to 24 November. They will present the last two parts of the "A new look at water" campaign, intended for elected officials and addressing the restoration of rivers and wetlands.


  • Role of local governments during the World water forum - 22 November 2011
    The roundtable, organised by the Ecology ministry, Onema and the Water agencies, will provide updated information on the forum, how local governments can participate (Istanbul water consensus, platform of solutions, local processes) and a French solution, the Oudin-Santini law on decentralised cooperation.

  • Restoration of rivers - 23 November 2011
    Onema, the Water agencies and the Ecology ministry will organise a roundtable on river restoration.


28-29 November 2011 - Paris : Symposium on the results of the Eel-Installations R&D programme

The purpose of the symposium, intended for water professionals, engineering offices, State services and public entities, is to present the results of the Eel-Installations R&D programme that was launched in 2008 and to provide technical clarifications on the consequences for operational management.



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