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Onema makes a number of commitments at the World water forum


During the Commitment ceremony on Friday, 16 March 2012 in Marseille, Onema made several significant commitments.
Progress must be made in a number of important fields, including quantitative management, prevention and control of hazards, emerging contaminants, environmental restoration and enhancement of the services provided by aquatic ecosystems, to preserve our future and enable green growth. With the Water agencies, Onema has committed to developing R&D work on these issues and to encouraging enhanced collaboration between research organisations, companies, State agencies and local governments. To that end, Onema will increase funding for the above issues by 10 million euros each year starting in 2013.

With the Water agencies, Onema will test new techniques and concepts, notably in ecological engineering, in a network of pilot and demonstration sites in the river basins. Initiatives will be undertaken to improve the sharing of risks incurred by local governments when investing in innovative projects.

To reduce agricultural pollution, Onema will invest almost 300 million euros by 2018 in efforts to reduce the use of phytosanitary products, in addition to the enhanced investments by the Water agencies to encourage territorial projects in the farming sector.

All citizens must have easy access to environmental data. That is why, in the water sector, Onema and the Water agencies will have set up by 2015 a series of joint indicators on water and aquatic environments to inform citizens on progress made in public policies.

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